Salvation by Blood
Sneak Peek

He sat on the edge of the bed next to her. “Skylar.” He ran his fingers through her hair. He marveled at the glorious amber hue that matched his eyes so perfectly and brought out the light grayness in hers. The soft, silky locks slid off his fingers, warming the cold, brutal monster that raged inside. Her cheeks were still rosy from crying. She truly was a beautiful human, he thought. “Skylar, wake up,” he crooned softly.

Her eyes fluttered, and she released a sigh. The minute her mind registered where she was and who was by her side, she went into an all out panic. She sat straight up with bulging eyes as she took in the blood splattered across his shirt. “No! No!” She thrashed her arms, shoving him away. Her legs kicked under the covers as she tried to use them to scoot herself from him. “Don’t touch me!” She went hysterical.

“Skylar, it’s okay!” Demarkus raised his voice above her shrills. “Hey, hey,” he said soothingly and cupped her face in his hands. He caressed her cheeks and held her still. “I haven’t touched you yet. This isn’t your blood.”