You have Just Graduated! Now What?

Here is a list of great places to start making your career move:

For some, post-graduation is easy because they already have an action plan for what they are going to do next, but for many the question what?

There are two types of post graduate possibilities that a student can head towards. If the graduate is a K-12 education teacher, then they now have the option of taking their experience and trying to infiltrate school district directors or coordinating positions, they could remain as a classroom teacher, go into higher education or completely shift their career direction and go into the corporate industry. If you are on the other end of the spectrum and have been working in the corporate industry, then you could seek out a job promotion or another job title, company, or even obtain your educator's professional certificate and head for the classroom. Which ever direction you decide to take it is important to keep in mind some important tips.

  • Simply because you are graduated you are not done learning. Continue studying in he areas that you felt were weak areas for you from your graduate studies. For example, if you didn't feel comfortable with graphic manipulation then take an Adobe course, or better yet get certified as an Adobe expert.

  • Network, create a professional network of industry sites, social media groups, and blogs to help you easily seek out answers or solutions.

  • Create life-long contacts in the industry.

  • Read up on the latest trends happening in education and technology.

  • Share, when you have had a success or a breakthrough share your success with others it could serve as motivation or idea generating for someone else.

  • Completing your course work as an instructional designer does not mean that you stop there. Your life-long journey is just beginning.

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Posted 9/7/2019 © Marisette Burgess