This is much more than just Articulate products. It's a hub for resources.

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Yes, it is true that when we think of E-Learning Heroes we immediately go to the mindset that it's an Articulate Help Line. There is much more to this site. Every new instructional designer needs to know and become close friends with the resources available at E-Learning Heroes.

Let's begin with the basics. This site is a vast community of industry specialist as well as novice or newbies providing resources on various aspects of course design. The Articulate team of expert do provide somewhat rapid help with Articulate design issues via discussion forums and chats. What I find most valuable is that any sort of topic on the instructional design field is also addressed with dynamic articles. I wanted to provide newbies in the field with some 101 basic articles that are helpful and will be useful to those entering the ID industry. I highly encourage designers to check these resources out from the E-Learning Heroes community site. If you haven't joined the site yet, don't waste time sigh up now!

For new instructional designers the E-Learning Heroes community is a place to problem solve almost all your course design ideas, questions, and creativity. They have an extensive Articulate team that are constantly monitoring the discussion forums, but that is not all. The site offers links and solutions to many simple or complex course design topics. Below is a compilation of some of their articles or tools that have helped me as a newbie.

Instructional Design Basics for E-Learning Development- Nicole Legault-Link

What You Need to Know to Create Amazing E-Learning- Nicole Legault- Link

E-Learning Examples-Link

Rapid E-Learning Blog-Tom Kuhlmann- Link

Product and Course Discussions- Link

Free Stock Photo Sites for E-Learning-David Anderson- Link

Course Template Downloads- Link

Course Assets Downloads- Link

Course Design Downloads- Link

With the E-Learning Heroes community site you can search any question or problem you might encounter in course design and there will either be featured articles, forums, or artifacts that will be able to help you out. If you still do not have an answer then post a question and the community of instructional designers will be glad to help. As a new instructional designer, a good practice is to continue challenging yourself and applying the skills learned. The E-Learning community has a section called challenges where they post a challenge and anyone can attempt the challenge and share the final product.

E-Learning Challenges - Complete List! -David Anderson- Link

I myself used this to learn how to build interactive buttons on a static image, thus creating a sort of game board interactive activity.

E-Learning Heroes article that helped me: How to Build a Simple E-Learning Game in Articulate Storyline-David Anderson- Link

My Final Product- Scenarios for a Fire Drill- Link

Posted 9/6/19 © Marisette Burgess