About Marisette

I wear many hats these days: mother, teacher, author, and wife, not in that order. I’m an extreme
Florida girl who's never seen snow, but would love to. I was born in Los Angeles, California to
immigrant Cuban parents. I grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida then moved to Orlando to attend
the University of Central Florida. I studied English Creative Writing and received my Bachelors. I
have taught in elementary schools for the past eleven years. As a teacher I enjoy getting kids hooked
on books. If you ever see me staring blankly, then my head is in a story. I am a chronic day dreamer.

May of 2012 was the debut of my first novel,
Men of the Cave. It is the first book in the trilogy about
the adventures of Kasey Reese, Pandora's granddaughter.

I welcome you to explore my site and take a look at the
Symbol of Hope trilogy as well as the books
I am currently working on.
All rights reserved.
Marisette Burgess- Author